Changing top cap defaults in UDesign

Changing Top Caps defaults Overview Ultraframe are phasing ‘Standard’ Top Caps out in favour of ‘Bevel’ and ‘Dome’. To get an accurate roof price we recommend you change your default top cap to either ‘Bevel’ or ‘Dome’. This only affects the Classic and Low Pitch roof systems. Go to the Settings […]

Quotes and Orders

Quotes and Orders Tab Overview The Quotes and Orders Tab contains all the quote and orders regardless of if they have been sent for production. You can filter the Quotes and Orders by either Quote, Order or Both and/or Date Range (quote date), this is achieved by using the drop down […]

Customer Quotes and Orders

Customer Quotes and Orders Tab Overview This tab lists all the customers quotes and/or orders. You can filter to show just quotes, orders or both via the drop down filter. Quotes and/or orders can be also filtered by a date range. Quotes and/or orders can be ordered/sorted clicking the column […]

Customer People

Customer People Tab Overview The Customer People tab lists all the contacts that you use at a customer. Click the Add button to add a new contact to the customer people list. The “Type” of contact can be defined by the “Maintain” menu at the top of the Fab Pack […]

Customer Details

Customer Details Tab Overview The customer details tab displays the addresses associated with a customer along with the customer details. Customer details include Account Code, Group Account Code and the Customer name. Most customers may have only one address but those multiple sites can have extra addresses added to the customer. Clicking […]