Batch Item Saws

  The Batch Saw tab displays the details of the bars that will be cut on the saw(s). Each part give information about the production order, which saw is used, cut length, cut angles and stock length used. You sort the sawn parts by clicking on the column headers. Select […]

Batch Item Stock

The Batch Stock tab lists all the parts on the batch. You can sort the stock by clicking on the headers at the top of the columns. This is ticked if a product is available within the Batch. Any Products within that are set to “Not Used” or “Unknown” will […]

Batch Item Optimiser

The Bar Optimiser tab gives you details of all the length parts that have been opitmised on a batch. The “Bar Length Products” window displays all the length products from all the orders within the batch. The “Cuts From Length” window displays the bar length(s) and cutting detail for the product selected […]

Batch Item Orders

The Batch Order tab lists all the Production Orders on a batch. After creating a batch you can add, remove production orders, you can also clear and delete a batch. You need to Finalise a batch to optimise/calculate the bar length requirement. Click on the Add button to add production […]

Production Order Cutting List

Production Order Cutting List The Cutting List tab lists the cutting data generated from RoofWright when sending a Sales Order to production. You can order the Cutting Data by clicking on the column headers. The Add, Change and Delete button allow you to manually modify the cutting data. Please note […]


Products Tab Overview The Products tab contains the suppliers and any parts they supply via RoofWright. You can select the Part Supplier from the drop down if there is more than one supplier to choose from. Column Name Description Product Code:   The product identification code.. Description: The production description. […]


Customers Tab Overview The Customers tab lists all the customers in Fab Pack.  Customer details can be viewed by either selecting a Customer and double clicking or clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the tab. Column Name Description Account Code: Customer Account Code. Customer: Customer name. You […]


Batches Tab Overview The Batches tab lists all the batches that have been created in Fab Pack. A Batch can be viewed by either selecting a Batch and double clicking or clicking on the Open button at the bottom left of the tab. Column Name Description Batch: Batch number. Created: […]

Production Orders

Production Orders Tab Overview Open a Production Order Batch Production Orders Overview The Production Orders tab lists all the orders that have been sent to production from RoofWright. Quote and Order not sent to production can be viewed along with these orders on the Quotes and Orders tab. Production Order […]