Getting Started

When you first start the software, these options appear:   New – Create a new Drawing Open – Opens an existing drawing from your folder of saved roofs Recent – Opens a list of your most recent drawings Load – Opens a drawing from a database (If you have a […]

Basic Controls

Once you’ve selected your design, it will appear in 3D. A new design will appear in its standard form with a floating window on the left-hand side. This floating window is the Design Parameters palette. Here you can make changes to the design’s size, colour, glazing, etc. By pressing Apply […]

Ancillary Basics

What Are Ancillaries? Ancillaries is a pricing check list. By using ancillaries, you (or your salesmen) will never forget to price for any items again. Running through the questions with a customer may also introduce them to additional extras that they hadn’t considered, or been aware that your company offered, […]

Editing Your Design – The Ribbon Bar

The Ribbon Bar Many of the options within UDesign are accessed using the bar at the top of the screen. Each of the tabs has options to edit the design, information relating to the design, or UDesign as a whole. Some of these will be discussed in detail in the […]

Editing Your Design – The Job Section

The Job Section Before each of the tabs is described, it is worth noting that a common feature in all tabs is the Job section. Unlike the classifieds in your local paper you have some basic options: New – Open a new drawing Open – Open an existing drawing Save […]