Editing Your Design – 3D Tab

3D Viewing Controls  – The Lighting option allows you to adjust the levels of Brightness and Highlights of the drawing, and also allows you to rotate the position of the sun and how the light falls on the drawing.  – The Auto option has two functions available;     – Allows […]

Installation From a CD

If you are installing to a PC or laptop that has never had RPS software installed and have been provided with an installation CD, please follow instructions in this guide. Please refer to one of our other guides, if you are installing to a PC with our software installed, or […]

Editing Your Design – Ultraframe Tab

Ultraframe The Ultraframe tab is for sending an electronic order through to Ultraframe, add Loggia/Livinroom/Loggia Prestige/ Real Roof, or to print to CONCAD or Intent. –  This option brings up the Loggia/Livinroom editor which allows you to add Loggia posts, Prestige shelf and the internal Livinroom products.    –  Opens […]

Updating Your Software

As we develop the software and add enhancements, we release updates that can be downloaded and installed, providing you have a current support contract with us. When a new version becomes available, you’ll be emailed with details of the release, such as listing new features and also any helpsheets/documentation relating […]

UDesign – Fixing Roof Problems

UDesign includes warnings, to alert the user to problems with their roof design. These problems should be addressed, to ensure the roof is specced correctly and as such, will both price correctly and ensure the correct components arrive onsite. These problems may relate to aspects of structural checking, or a combination […]

iPad mirroring – Using Splashtop

  The more your customers can get involved in your sales presentation, the more they will feel as if they are in control of the buying process. An obvious example of this is that they need to be able to clearly see what you’re proposing. If you’re presenting to a […]

Editing Your Design – Loggia/LivinRoom

Ultraframe provide a set of products that enhance drawings in a distinct way.   –  Selecting the Loggia/LivinRoom icon will open a window where you can select whether you want Loggia or LivinRoom as part of your drawing.   Loggia Loggia adds pillars to your design which create a Masonic effect. Ticking the box:include […]

Creating Custom Window Styles

The window styles palette contains many of the most commonly used frame styles. You may wish to add your own custom styles to this palette. This short guide discusses how to create a custom frame style. Accessing the Window Profile Editor to Create a Custom Window Style 1.  Click Settings […]