Editing Your Design – Basework Tab

The Basework tab allows you to view and edit details of the base plan. You can chane wall types, check measurments and even add annotations which will be show on the base reports.  ‘Wall Editing’ Section  – Advanced Editor – This will open your current design in the Bespoke/Freehand Editor.  – Wall Type – […]

Impressive Export options

Do you use CAD, 3D modelling or Rendering software?   Take your customers designs to another level! Once you have finalised your design, there are multiple export options that allow you to offer an even greater immersion into the dream that is ‘the customers conservatory/extension’ (this may be literal if you work with VR). […]

Fab Pack Overview

Welcome to RoofWright FAB Pack Thank you for choosing to use the RoofWright FAB Pack! This software has been specifically designed as a manufacturing solution for Roof fabricators, providing everything you need to run your production. Please see the sections below for information on how to use the Roofwright FAB […]

Editing Your Design – Frames Tab

    The Frames tab allows you to edit every aspect of your frame configuration. In here you can change frame style, couplers, add full height walls, downpipes and even add steps to your design.   Navigating the Interface There are a few different ways of editing and viewing the frame […]

Manually Backing Up your Software

Manually backing up your software before a ‘major change’ or ‘update’ is highly recommended as it allows you to recover lost information if you run into problems. This guide will take you through the steps needed to backup your software data.   1 – First you will need to locate […]

How to Download and Install the software

This article takes you through the steps needed to download and install the software onto your machine. Before you start this guide, please make sure you have the following; A Windows Based Machine which meets our hardware requirements A valid Software Dongle (Sent and licensed by RPS) plugged into your machine […]