Adding a Custom Color Scheme to a Conservatory Color Scheme

To create a conservatory colour scheme, go to the Settings tab and click on the Conservatory Systems option.

frame colour scheme 20

A list of the current Conservatory System that are set-up in the software will show. Select the one you want to add a colour scheme to and click the Edit option.

frame colour scheme 21

Properties of the Conservatory will be shown in the editor. Click on the Add button below the Colours Scheme options to create a new Conservatory Colour Scheme.

frame colour scheme 22

In the Colour Scheme editor, fill in the name of your new Colour Scheme. Selecting the Roof and Frame Colour Scheme will populate all the appropriate components listed in the Details section (this is where you would choose your custom Roof/Frame colour scheme(s)). You will then have to go down the Details list and fill in the rest of the colours for the remaining items where applicable.

frame colour scheme 23

After Creating the Conservatory System Colour Scheme, you will need to restart the software for the changes to be saved. Once re-opened, the new Colour Scheme will be available in the Colour Scheme or Colours options.

frame colour scheme 24

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