Adding a Custom Frame Finish


If you are creating a Frame Finish from one of the pre-existing RAL colour in the software, then here is a little tip to help you.

Copying the RGB colour code for inputting a RAL colour.

Start by going to the Settings tab and select the Frame Profiles option from the Frames/Couplers palette.

frame colour scheme 1

Select Window Profiles from the dropdown.

frame colour scheme 2

You will be given a list of Frame Profiles to edit. Select the profile that you want create the new frame colour scheme for by either double clicking or selecting the Edit option.

frame colour scheme 3

You have now opened the frame profile editor. On the left, you will see a Finishes tab which you need to select.

frame colour scheme 4

Within the Finishes tab, select the Edit palette option.

frame colour scheme 5

The Frame Colours/Finishes box will appear which lists all the available frame finishes. This window allows you to Edit the properties of a frame finish or, as in our case, Add a new one. Click the Add option.

frame colour scheme 6

You will now see the Finish editor. Fill in the properties for the finish (eg. Name, choose a colour, select a group, add a texture if needed, etc).

frame colour scheme 7

After creating your custom finish, you will need to set it as a valid option for each Frame Item (listed in the below image). To do this, select and click Edit to open the Valid Finish Selector for each item.

frame colour scheme 16

Once this is open, finish in the list and click in the right hand column to set it as a valid colour (after clicking, a Tick will appear in the box next to the finish – illustrated below).

frame colour scheme 17

When the Custom finish has been validated for all appropriate Frame Items, you can move on to creating the colour scheme.

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