Ancillary Basics

What Are Ancillaries?

Ancillaries is a pricing check list. By using ancillaries, you (or your salesmen) will never forget to price for any items again. Running through the questions with a customer may also introduce them to additional extras that they hadn't considered, or been aware that your company offered, such as underfloor heating for example.

This section can be configured to price any items or additional extras that you offer, that are not priced within the Frame Prices or Roof Prices. Examples include base and brickwork, underfloor heating, skip hire for earth removal, electrical, internal finishing, labour and anything else you can think of, thanks to it’s flexibility.

Ancillaries consist of Groups, each of which can contain questions. Each Question can then have answers and costs associated.

There are two sections to ancillaries; the front-end (i.e – the questions and answers that you see when drawing and costing a job), and the back-end, where you configure the initial set up of the questions and associated costs which are to be displayed in the front end.

The Front end looks like so:



The Back end looks like so:



Questions can be presented as a Radio button, or drop down menus, depending on whether the answer is a simple Yes/No, where ‘Yes’ is chargeable, or whether there are multiple chargeable options.

AncillaryBasics01        AncillaryBasics04


Questions can be priced by:

  • A fixed charge - e.g. £50
  • An automatically calculated variable charge - e.g. £50 per square metre * Internal Floor Area (Internal floor area is recorded automatically, based on the job drawn, so no manual calculation required)
  • A variable charge requiring manual input – e.g. £50 * number of wall sockets required (number required to be input by user)
  • A combination of fixed and variable – for example underfloor heating may attract both a fixed cost of £100 for the thermostat,plus an additional variable cost per square metre of floor area

Questions can be set up to be optional, mandatory, or as automatic charges, where a cost applies without and answer being required.

Any of the ancillary questions you create can be set as discountable or non-discountable.

This article hieghlights the basic functions and usage of ancillaries. For more in depth information regarding ancillary setup, see the  following article: LINK



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