Ancillary Groups – Continued

In addition to creating groups and organising the order in which the groups are displayed, there are some additional options that you can set against each group that you create.

  1. Make a group optional –  If a group doesn’t apply to all jobs (e.g – fitting costs on a supply only job), the list of questions can be kept hidden and left unanswered.
  2. Make optional group enabled by default – If the group will be applicable across the majority of jobs, it makes sense to switch the optional group ON by default
  3. Apply a cost to an optional group – If there is a cost associated with a plumbers call-out fee,  you may want to add that cost the the job, the minute you switch on the Plumbing group
  4. Show in Proposal – If you have the program configured to display the sales proposal upon initial creation of a job, these questions will be displayed within the Customer Proposal Form

Making a group optional:

1. Click the group name and click Edit Group… , or double-click the group name to open the Edit Question Groups window.


2. Tick the Optional? checkbox.


Now that this group is optional, any questions nested under this group will be hidden, unless you toggle this groups’ checkbox on, when answering ancillary questions



Make an optional group enabled by default:

Once you have decided to make a group optional, you can choose whether to show or hide this groups’ questions by default.

1. To have this group enabled by default, tick the Default to Enabled checkbox, otherwise, leave the box unchecked.




Apply a base cost to an optional group:

If there is a fixed cost associated with bringing a plumber or electrician on site, you can add this call-out fee for each particular group.

1. Enter the value into the Base Value: Field





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