Basic Controls

Once you’ve selected your design, it will appear in 3D. A new design will appear in its standard form with a floating window on the left-hand side. This floating window is the Design Parameters palette. Here you can make changes to the design’s size, colour, glazing, etc. By pressing Apply the changes are made to the design.

Design parameters options

Some designs have more or less options.


If Design Parameters isn’t there you can retrieve it from within the 3D Tab, and in the top left you should see the icon labeled Design Params. Tick the box at the bottom of the Design Parameters Palette to open the palette with every drawing.

Design Params option

To move and rotate the design


Use the left-mouse button to move the design across the screen Use the right-mouse button to rotate the design around the screen.

You can use the scale option in the 3D viewing controls section in Job. If your mouse has a scroll you

can zoom in and out.

Mouse controls

To move your design precisely, select the View icon (below – left image) which opens the view control (below – right image). This allows you to move the design with more accuracy using the arrows. These are useful when a design has a background photo.

3d viewing controls
View controls







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