Basic Printing Tutorial (to Printer, PDF or Email)

1. Go to the reports section using the printing tab.


basic print 1


2. Click on the reports that you would like to print. You will see that they will be listed in the ‘selected prints’ section at the bottom of the screen.

basic print 2


3. Once you have selected your report/s, press the print button in the bottom right of the screen.

basic print 3


4. Select one of the options;

  • ‘Print to Printer‘ which will use your printer settings,
  • ‘Print to PDF‘ (to create a PDF file you can attach to an email (Recommended. NOTE: set the dpi to a value between 300-600),
  • ‘Print to Email‘ which will open directly into an email as an attachment (requires Microsoft Outlook to be installed on your machine to use this function)).

basic print 4


5. If you have chosen to ‘Print to PDF’, when prompted, specify where you want the file to be saved (eg. Desktop).

basic print 5


6. The file will now be saved to your chosen location.

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