Bespoke Design Basics – 1. Adding in your walls


The first step to creating a bespoke design is plotting in your walls. This is done by starting with a rear house wall and using the various arrow icons to create a continuous loop. Draw in all your walls using the appropriate direction arrows (outlined in blue in the image below)  then use one of the special JOIN arrows (outlined in purple in the image below) to create the final wall.


Each time you add a wall, a window appears where you can specify the length, the type of wall (dwarf wall, house wall, firewall or creasing tile wall) and also the internal angle from the previous wall. If the wall is a house wall, you can add a soffit width if necessary. You can specify the wall type at the point of entering it’s length, or you can double- click on the wall after it’s creation, to access it’s properties and change if necessary. BespokeWalls03 If you are adding a Victorian bay to the design, you can do so using the BespokeWalls04 button, rather than drawing each of the 3 or 5 walls individually and having to work out each facet length. This also allows you to specify a wider front facet if necessary. BespokeWallsBay   The two join arrows function in different manners, The left-most will draw back to the house wall at whatever length/angle is required, whereas the right-most will draw back to the house wall at 90 degrees, extending or reducing the house wall if necessary. This is demonstrated below. BespokeWallsDontExtend      BespokeWallsExtend

Two key points to remember during drawing in walls are:

  • Work around the design in an anti-clockwise direction

  • Use the JOIN to house wall arrows when finishing your design, instead of the regular direction arrows, as this ‘tells’ the program that you are completing the ‘loop’.


You can follow the steps below to create the walls for this elaborate example. BespokeWallExample00   1. Start a bespoke design 2. Work down the table below – Be aware of the final step, to ensure you use the ‘join’ arrow and NOT the ‘up’ arrow BespokeWallExampleJob

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