‘Blank Photo’ Trick – ‘Photo View’ Report capabilities

This guide takes you through the steps needed to use the ‘Photo View’ report beyond its original purpose.
It allows you to print the exact orientation of the 3D model depicted in the 3D Tab.


1 – First you will need to download the Blank.png image file. (Click Here or click the image below)

blank photo 2

2 – Next, place this file in the ‘Photographs’ folder of the software setup. This is typically located;

For RoofWright :- C:\RPS Limited\RoofWright\Photographs
For UDesign :- C:\RPS Limited\UDesign\Photographs

blank photo 8

3 – Now, open the software

blank photo 9
4Open/create your conservatory design
5 – In the ‘Photos’ section of the 3D tab select ‘House Photo’ from the drop-down menu

blank photo 3
6Choose the ‘Blank’ image from the ‘Photographs’ folder (the software is set to automatically open in this folder)

blank photo 4

Now you can spin, rotate and scale the conservatory within the boundaries of the blank image, and you can use the ‘Photo View’ report to print a copy of the 3D image.

blank photo 5

7 – Once you’re happy with the orientation/position of the 3D, click into the ‘Printing Tab’ and you are ready to print or preview the ‘Photo View’ report.

blank photo 6

8 – Enjoy!

blank photo 7

Click the image above to download the full example PDF file. 

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