Changing top cap defaults in UDesign

Changing Top Caps defaults


Ultraframe are phasing ‘Standard’ Top Caps out in favour of ‘Bevel’ and ‘Dome’. To get an accurate¬†roof price we recommend you change your default top cap to either ‘Bevel’ or ‘Dome’. This only affects the Classic and Low Pitch roof systems.

Go to the Settings Tab and then select Roof System Prefs > Ultraframe Classic:

Roof Prefs Classic

Go the Structural Defaults tab and select¬†either ‘Dome’ or ‘Bevel’ in the Top Cap Kind drop-down. Click ok to save the change:

Roof Prefs ClassicSelect

Repeat on the Ultraframe Low Pitch Lean-to roof prefs.

You will need to close and reopen UDesign for the changes to take affect.


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