Copying an Existing Installation to a New PC

If you already have the software installed on a PC, but need to move this installation to a different Laptop or PC, please follow this guide.

This may be the case if you are upgrading to a new PC and wish to keep all your existing data, or if you have input your own data such as glazing types, window/base/ ancillary pricing and wish to roll out your ‘customised’ setup internally to others at your company.


1. On the PC where your working copy is installed, open File Explorer or Computer. These can be accessed via the Windows Start Menu, Task bar, or Desktopcomputer01


2. Inside of C:/ drive, you will find a folder labelled RPS Limited, copy this folder either to a USB drive, a server/shared folder that is accessible on both the existing and proposed PC, or a cloud account/ file host, such as DropBox or WeTransfer



3. On the PC you wish to install to, either plug in the USB drive, or navigate to the shared folder on your server or your cloud storage and copy the RPS Limited folder back to the root of the new PC’s C: drive



4. Download then install the appropriate Dongle driver from the link below

Dongle Driver

UDesign Breve Installer


5. On the new PC, navigate the the newly pasted RPS Limited folder. Double click the RPS Limited Folder, inside which there is a RoofWright folder.

6. Double-click the  RoofWright Folder, inside which you’ll find a Version Live Folder.

7. Inside the Version Live Folder is the main executable. Right click on this and select Send To > Desktop(create shortcut) to add a shortcut to your desktop



Please note that there will be two  files with the same name, one of which is an icon – Ensure that you create the shortcut to the application and not the icon!

You have now successfully copied your software to the new PC and should be able to run it directly from the shortcut created on your Desktop


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