Copying the RGB colour code for inputting a RAL colour

If you are creating a custom Finish from one of the pre-existing RAL colour in the software, then here are the steps you need to follow;

First, go to Special Colours from the Settings tab.

frame colour scheme 8

The Special Colours editor will appear.

frame colour scheme 9

Select the RAL colour that you want to copy for your custom finish. Double click or select Edit to open the Special Colour’s properties. Once open, you will see a small box with three dots (…) next to the colour option, click on it.

frame colour scheme 10

The colour palette will open. Click on Define Custom Colours to expand the colour palette and it will give you the full RGB (Red,Green and Blue colour model) values needed to copy the colour for your custom Frame Finish.

frame colour scheme 11frame colour scheme 12

Make a note of these values and go back into the Finish Editor in the Frame Profile Editor if you are creating a frame finish, or the Roof Profile Editor if you are creating a roof finish.

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