Create a Custom Frame Colour Scheme

Start by going to the Settings tab and select the Frame Profiles option from the Frames/Couplers palette.

frame colour scheme 1

Select Window Profiles from the dropdown.

frame colour scheme 2

You will be given a list of Frame Profiles to edit. Select the profile that you want create the new frame colour scheme for by either double clicking or selecting the Edit option.

frame colour scheme 3

You have now opened the frame profile editor. On the left, you will see a Finishes tab which you need to select.

frame colour scheme 4

Click the Add button below the Colour Scheme options.

frame colour scheme 18

The Colour Scheme editor will open. Now set the Name and Finish To Use from the drop down next to each Frame Item (Your custom colour will be available in the Standard Colours section if you have followed the ‘Adding a Custom Frame Finish‘ guide).

frame colour scheme 19

You have now successfully created a Custom Frame Colour Scheme.

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