Editing Your Design – 3D Tab

3D Viewing Controls

3D control pallette

lighting option – The Lighting option allows you to adjust the levels of Brightness and Highlights of the drawing, and also allows you to rotate the position of the sun and how the light falls on the drawing.

auto option – The Auto option has two functions available;



Rotate– Allows you to set your design to continuously rotate on-screen


–  Allows you to show the build-up of the Assembly sequenceconservatory construction in an assembly sequence



view option – This gives you three options;



3d palette –  This option gives you a palette of tools to help you rotate, move and stretch your design which can enhance the look of your conservatory on a house photo. It also gives you a tool for changing the view type (eg. CAD/outlined or line/string views) and a slider to change the perspective of the design.

views optionsperspective slider



Visible components–  This allows you to show/hide elements and components of the conservatory from the 3D view.

Job statistics options

–  This will show some key statistics that you may need to know about the current design (eg. Int/Ext floor area, Roof glazing area, etc) and allows you to set some relating parameters (eg. Brick heights/widths, number of bricks/pallet, etc).

Full screen  Full Screen – This option will expand the 3D and side menu to full screen which is handy for presenting to a customer. This can be combined with the rotate option to give a showroom video effect. To exit from      full screen mode, press the Esc key.


Windows and Doors 


windows and doors



The features in this section allow you to modify the look of the drawing. The diagram above gives a basic breakdown of what the features in  the section do, but below there are more detailed explanations.

frame design

–  Frame Design allows you to change the top of the frame to include a transom or opener (or both) and the bottom to a full height frame or infill panel.


–  The Leading option shows a drop-down list of bars. You can determine where in the frames leading will be added by selecting one or all of the tick boxes: Top lights, Lower Panes, Doors.


–  Reshape gives you the option to quickly alter the roof design, e.g. from an Edwardian to a Lean-to.


–  Open/close shows the windows, doors, or screens as…well…open or closed.The only further explanation that can be offered is you can adjust them manually by selecting Windows → Manual       Opening.




Brickwork palette

The Brickwork section allows you to change the brickwork and internal wall texture images. You can choose images to resemble the customer’s house. This will open up a separate window where you select change to open the library of images.

**NOTE: The Planning option opens the House Designer which is available as an additional feature.




The options in this section allows you to import photos of a house and a garden. You can then place your design onto the photo to give a realistic view of how the project will look.

photos palette

 Photo – This allows you to add a house photo, garden photo or none.

Change – Allows you to change the current photo for another.

Remove – This will remove the current photo from the project.

Edit – Gives you some photo editing option which include an ability to clone a texture to ‘paint out’ objects, change the perspective of an image, crop an image and load/create an overlay to give added depth to your overall project.

edit tools


Grab – Allows you to copy a section of the photo brickwork to use on your conservatory.

Measure – This tool allows you to measure an element that you know the dimensions of on the photo (eg. the door on the photo could be 2100mm), and it will scale the conservatory accordingly.


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