Editing Your Design – Basework Tab

basework tab

The Basework tab allows you to view and edit details of the base plan. You can chane wall types, check measurments and even add annotations which will be show on the base reports.

 ‘Wall Editing’ Section

wall editing palette

advanced edit option – Advanced Editor – This will open your current design in the Bespoke/Freehand Editor.

wall type option – Wall Type – This is one of the main tools of the Basework tab. Once you have selected a wall on the baseplan, you can change the wall type to either a House Wall, Dwarf Wall, Creasing Tile Wall or a Gable/Fire Wall.

edit gable wall editor – Edit Gable Wall – If you have chosen to change one of the walls to a Gable/Fire Wall, this option will appear. It allows you to create a horizontal gable wall, extend the length and height of the Gable wall or convert it back to a Dwarf wall.

facet calculator tool – Facet Calculator – If you need to work out the length of a facet, here is a simple tool that allows you to manipulate the facet span, projection and angle from the previous wall to generate the facet length.

‘View options’ Section

view options palette

internal sizes  – Show as Internal Sizes – A very simple tool that allows you to toggle the view between showing the Internal or External base sizes of the design.

show brick heights – Show Brick Heights – This option allows you to show or hide the brick heights for each wall section on the design.

roof zoom – Zoom – This tool speaks for itself. It allows you to zoom in/out of the Base plan.

100 zoom – 100% – This will set the view to 100% scale.

‘Dimensions’ Section

dimensions palette

reset cross-corners  – Reset Cross-Corners – As the name suggests, this option will reset (recalculate) the cross-corner dimensions shown on the base plan.

annotate options – Annotate – Custom annotations can be added (custom dimensions, notes, labels) as well as changing the properties for them (font, line thickness, etc).

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