Editing Your Design – Loggia/LivinRoom

Ultraframe provide a set of products that enhance drawings in a distinct way.

loggia-livinroom bar


loggia livinroom editor –  Selecting the Loggia/LivinRoom icon will open a window where you can select whether you want Loggia or LivinRoom as part of your drawing.



Loggia adds pillars to your design which create a Masonic effect. Ticking the box:include Loggia posts on design which will show a Loggia tab. Clicking on this will display a roof view. The Loggia posts are added in place of couplers. Double click on the couplers to show a small window where you pick which in-line coupler to use. The choices are between a small and large in-line post. Once you’ve pressed OK the couplers will turn green. There are options on the right that specify Loggia style and post details.


loggia options



LivinRoom is an internal plaster perimeter ceiling that can be added to any conservatory roof. Basically, it gives the look of an Orangery to a new or existing conservatory. Select the LivinRoom Icon.  The window that appears allows you to add dimensions in the top section and the specifications below it. Select ok to add LivinRoom.


livinroom options

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