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roof tab options


The Roof tab allows you to edit the design of your roof. In here you can change the ridges, rafters, add roof vents, box gutters, and edit other components of the roof.



Rapid Apply Mode

UDesign has a feature called Rapid Apply which adds items with a click of the mouse. This applies to most items in the roof tab and instructions are provided in the yellow strip below the ribbon bar that appears when a Rapid Apply option is selected.


rapid apply option


Moving the Ridge and rafters

Ridges and rafters can be moved manually using the left mouse button. Click once, and holding down the left mouse button, move from left to right, up or down.


Altering the Span, Projection and Ridge Length

In most cases, you are able to alter the span, projection and ridge length by double clicking on the dimension given for the chosen component.

double click to alter 2


 Design/Roof Section


Design-roof options


tie bars  – Tie Bars – This option allows you to add structural tie bars to the design where required.

jack-splay – Jack/Splay –  Each hipped sections of a roof can be made to jack or splay using this tool.

centralise – Centralise – This allows you to centralise the ridge of a roof if it has become misaligned (this could be due to dragging the ridge accidentally, adding a Box Gutter, etc).

freehand editor – Freehand Editor – This will open your current design in the Bespoke/Freehand Editor.


Slope Section


slope options



cut-outs – Cut-Outs – If you require sections of the conservatory to be cut into (for adapting to a house wall, chimney, etc), this tool will allow you to input the specifications of the cut-out.

pitch – Pitch – This option allows you to change the pitch (which can also be done by double-clicking on a panel of a slope).

BG-wall – BG / Wall –  If a full  or partial box gutter is required on your design, this tool will allow you to add the dimensions of the box gutter that you need. It also allows you to change a wall to a house wall of gable/fire wall with one click.

frame offs – Frame Offs – This tool will offset the starter bar of a slope that you have selected (eg. this can be used if you require a service panel for pipework that will cut through the conservatory roof).

edit rafters – Edit Rafters – As the name suggests, this editor allows you to alter the rafter spacing, equalise rafters, jack/splay rafters at hips and set the number of divisions within a slope.

gable end options – Gable End – When designing a conservatory with a gabled section, this tool gives you options to change the gable design (mullion, sunburst, firring, raked head, etc), create a custom gable design or even add a gable support beam.

glazing options – Glazing – This option houses all of the available roof glazing options that are selectable for your conservatory.


Rafters Section


rafter options



divisions option – Divisions – You can set the number of divisions within a slope using this option. It also has some pre-defined division sets for you to choose from.

align bars option – Align Bars – Rafters can be aligned in a number of ways. This tool allows you to align one rafter, align across a ridge, align across a left/right hip or align the rafters over your frames.

equalise bars – Equalise Bars – Exactly as stated, this tool equalises the rafters within the chosen slope.

bar weights – Bar Weight – You can upgrade roof bar weights individually using this tool. It also has an ‘upgrade weight’ option which will increase the chosen bar’s weight to the next available.


Roof Panels Section


roof panel options



vents tool – Vents – This tool allows you to add a roof vent to a slope/panel of a conservatory. There is also an option to input the specifications of the vent or remove it altogether.

split panel tool – Split Panel – As the name states, this tool allows you to split a glazing panel into 2 equal sections (vertical).

vented eaves/ridge tool – Vented – This tool gives the option to have ventilated supports at either the top or bottom of a roof panel.

muntin tool – Muntins – If your roof glazing panels are too long, muntins can be added to split the panel into smaller pieces. You also have the option to set the number of divisions that you want in a panel, and the ability to copy/remove the muntins across the whole roof.


View Section


view options



roof zoom – Zoom – This tool speaks for itself. It allows you to zoom in/out of the roof plan.

100 zoom – 100% – This will set the view to 100% scale.

view options pallete – View Options – A list of options is available from this tool to toggle on/off hidden data such as rafter names, rafter dimensions, rafter names, etc.

annotate options – Annotate – Custom annotations can be added (custom dimensions, notes, labels) as well as changing the properties for them (font, line thickness, etc).

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