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ultraframe tools tab

The Ultraframe tab is for sending an electronic order through to Ultraframe, add Loggia/Livinroom/Loggia Prestige/ Real Roof, or to print to CONCAD or Intent.

loggia livinroom editor -  This option brings up the Loggia/Livinroom editor which allows you to add Loggia posts, Prestige shelf and the internal Livinroom products.

Livinroom editor Loggia editor


bespoke editor -  Opens the Bespoke/Freehand Editor where you can manually make changes to different parts of the template.

prestige package -  This adds the Loggia Prestige package to your conservatory which includes;  2 small front loggia posts, internal prestige shelf, an internal light box and a half height cornice.

electronic ordering - Sends the roof to Ultraframe via the internet. Save your drawing beforehand.

ufglue export - Exports the roof to CONCAD or Intent automatically creating the paperwork for you.

convert to order - If the job is a quote, then this will convert it to an order and give you an order number along with it. If the job is already an order then it will convert it to a quote.

concad-intent export - Exports the job to CONCAD or intent but allows you to manually select the paperwork.

Real roof options - This will show instead of the Loggia/Livinroom option when working on a Real Roof design. It allows you to edit the Real Roof parameters which include adding structural and loggia posts, changing the post finish colour, tile type ,weight/sq M, and wall build-up.


real roof editor real roof loggia


Status Section


Ultraframe status


The Status section of the Ultraframe tab displays the stability of the drawing and manufacturing information. The circles will appear green if there aren’t any problems or red if there are problems that require attention.

  • Structural Check is related to the SDG (Structural Design Guide) which determines whether your drawing is structurally sound in order for production.
  • Roof Problems will open a window with a list of the roof problems that require attention.
  • Flat-pack Capable is also known as IKEA assembly.

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