How to Download and Install the software

This article takes you through the steps needed to download and install the software onto your machine.

Before you start this guide, please make sure you have the following;

  • A Windows Based Machine which meets our hardware requirements
  • A valid Software Dongle (Sent and licensed by RPS) plugged into your machine
  • Access to the Internet from your machine

NOTE: If you’re UPDATING an existing software setup, please make a Backup before you continue (click HERE for details). 

Downloading the software

1 – First you will need to download the software. You can get the link by;

  • looking at the software email we sent which contains the link (either sent as part of an update or if you take out a trial)

  • Calling 0161 426 1120 to ask for a link to be sent

2 – Most internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) will allow you to click the link (this is called a ‘hyperlink’) which will automatically start the download. However, if your email system doesn’t support hyperlinks, you will need to ‘copy-and-paste’ the link into your browser and press enter/return;

paste into url

3 – Once clicked (or pressed enter/return), the software will start the download (It will appear at the bottom or top right of your screen). It may prompt you to either ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ the installer. Click the ‘Run’ option which will automatically start the installer after it has finished downloading.

run or save prompt

You may get a warning which asks you ‘Are you sure you want to run the software’. If you do, Click the ‘Run’ option.

run warning

Installing the Software (Setup ‘Wizard’)

1 – If you have followed the above steps, you should now be able to see the Software Setup Wizard. Click on the ‘Next’ option to go to the next step

2 – Next, you will need to read the ‘License Agreement’ and click the ‘I accept the agreement’ option to proceed. Then, click ‘Next’ to continue

install wizard 2

3 – This next step shows you the folder in which the software will be installed to. If you have an install of a similar software (for example, if you’re installing RoofWright and want to install UDesign), you will need to change the location of where you want to install (see here for more details). Click ‘Next’ to proceed

install wizard 3

4 –  On this ‘Select Startup Menu Folder’ screen, click the ‘Next’ option

install wizard 4

5 – The next screen allows you to choose if you want a desktop icon to be created (This is the icon you use to open the software). If you have an older version already installed, you will be able to delete the old icon and use the new one after the install has finished. Click ‘Next’ to continue

install wizard 5

6 – The Setup Wizard is now ready to install. This screen will summarise all of the options you have selected in the previous steps. Press the ‘Install’ button to start the installation

install wizard 6

7 – Once the installer has setup the software, you will see the completion screen. Press ‘Finish’ to exit the setup

install wizard 7

The software is now ready to use. Simply click on the desktop icon to run the software.

The installer puts 3 icons on you desktop

  • A Software Icon – which you use to run the software
  • A ‘Saved Roofs’ Icon – Which stores all of you jobs (default save destination)
  • And, A ‘Support’ Icon – Which you will use if you need support (when you call, we will ask you to run this if needed)

desktop icons

UDesign User (Ultraframe Only)

If you’re a new UDesign user and have followed the above steps, you will have additional steps to install a piece of software called ‘Breve’. The Breve installer will start automatically after the main software has finished installing (note: If you have the latest version of Breve installed, it will skip this installer).

1 – Once the Breve installer has initialised, click ‘Next’

breve 1

2 – You will then be prompted to read and accept the licence agreement. Once agreed, click ‘Next’

breve 2

3 – On this next screen, leave the ‘Typical (Recommended)’ option selected and click ‘Next’ 

breve 3

4 – Click ‘Next’ to start the installation

breve 4

5 – Once the install is complete, click ‘Finish’ to close the setup wizard

breve 5

After the install, a Software manager will open to check for updates. You can close this because the latest version is installed with the software

breve 6

You are now ready to use the software.





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