How to Input Your External Prices

This guide will explain the necessary steps needed to input all prices which are not supplied by your Manufacturer (not already priced in the software).



  1. First of all, open a conservatory or press Cancel from the startup screen.


start screen for guide


  1. Once you are in the software, navigate to the Settings tab at the top of the screen. From there, click on Prices and Checks -> External Prices -> and then the name of the manufacturer.


external prices option



  1. A new window will appear with a full list of Parts which are not supplied/priced by the manufacturer.


external prices editor


  1. From the sample below, you will see that the left side of the list shows the default specs (i.e. Part Code, Description, Stock Length, Stock Height, Wastage and Price Type) for each part, and on the right you have the columns where you can change these Defaults.


external prices explained


  1. At the bottom of the screen, you also have an option to UpliftBy % which will allow you to uplift the costs set against all/some of the externally priced parts.

uplift buttonprice uplift optionsprice uplift box




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