How to turn-OFF the Ultraframe ‘Standard Designs’ picker

This guide will talk you through the steps needed to turn off the option to pick an ‘Ultraframe¬†Extension-Plus’¬†(pre-approved (JHAI Building Control)) when creating a new job.


udesign extension plus


1 – First you will need to open the software and click ‘Cancel


New design job


2 – Next, click on the ‘Settings‘ tab in the top left and open the ‘System Preferences‘ option


system prefs


3 – In the System Preferences box, click on the ‘Editors‘ tab on the left. Down the list of options, un-tick the box next to ‘Use standard configuration picker?


standard designs pref


4 – Press ‘OK‘ at the bottom of the System Preferences box and close the software.


Now when you run up the software and create a new design, you won’t be prompted to pick one of the Ultraframe Extension-Plus designs.


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