Installation From a CD

If you are installing to a PC or laptop that has never had RPS software installed and have been provided with an installation CD, please follow instructions in this guide.

Please refer to one of our other guides, if you are installing to a PC with our software installed, or if you use both RoofWright and UDesign

  • First, ensure that you have sufficient space on your hard-drive, and are logged into your PC as an administrator.
  • Insert your USB dongle into an available USB port.
  • Insert the CD-Rom into your PC’s disc drive – The CD should begin to auto-run and load the menu screen similar to below.



  • Ensure the ‘Install’ option is selected (highlighted blue) as above – then click the Install button in the bottom left of this window.
  • Read the License agreement. If you accept the license agreement, click the appropriate radio button and proceed by clicking Next.



  • If you are happy installing to the default location that we recommend, simply click Next, all the way through the installer. if you would like to install to a different location, either type in the path, or use the Browse button, to select the installation directory you’d like, as highlighted below.



  • Having clicked Next repeatedly, the software will start to extract and install and a progress bar will be displayed on screen



  • Once the software has installed, the HASP USB dongle drivers will then install, once complete, click OK in the Sentinel dialog box



  • Click Finish, to complete the installation



Your software is now installed and three shortcuts will have been added to your desktop; One for the programme, one to allow RPS staff remote access for online support, and a third, which is a shortcut to the folder where your drawings are saved



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