Manually Backing Up your Software

Manually backing up your software before a ‘major change’ or ‘update’ is highly recommended as it allows you to recover lost information if you run into problems. This guide will take you through the steps needed to backup your software data.


1 – First you will need to locate the software icon on your desktop (it will most likely look like one of the two icons highlighted below);

desktop shortcuts

2 – Next, ‘right click’ on the icon and choose the ‘Open file location’ option from the list;

open file location

3 – This will take you directly into a folder called ‘Version Live’ where the program runs from. You can see where this folder is from the path shown above the files (see image example). What this path shows you is that the software is installed: on your ‘Local Disc (c:/)’ – in an ‘RPS Limited’ Folder – in a ‘RoofWright’ Folder (the last folder name may vary for different roof manufacturers)

4 – From here, we will need to navigate to the ‘RPS Limited’ folder. This can be done by either;

  • Clicking on the ‘RPS Limited’ folder name in the folder path

  • Or, clicking on the ‘UP Arrow’ to the left of the folder path, until you reach the ‘RPS Limited’ folder

5 – Once in the Rps Limited folder, you will have a ‘RoofWright’ Folder (this folder name may vary for different roof manufacturers). ‘Right-click’ on the RoofWright folder, select ‘send to’ and click on the ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’ option

send to compressed


6 – Once finished, rename the ‘.zip’ file to include

  • the word ‘Backup’
  • and, the ‘the date it was zipped’

This .zip file is an exact duplicate of the software up until this date.

You can now update or modify the software knowing that you can retrieve any files that may get lost or broken, or even fully ‘roll-back’ to the previous setup.



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