Pack Manager – Initial Setup of Pack Types

Before you can use Pack Manager to create packing lists and labels, you first need to configure the different pack types into which RoofWright should sort the various roof components.

Pack types are created using the PackManagerEditor.exe, which can be found in the Version Live Folder of your RoofWright directory. Right-click your RoofWright shortcut then click open file location to navigate to this folder.


You’ll then find PackManagerEditor.exe – double-click to run this application.


Once open, you’ll see a file explorer window – you should navigate to the roof system folder that you wish to create packs for, select the RoofWright Roof Settings file (.rrs), then click OK – For this guide, we are using the default PVC roof system


All the parts from the Settings file have now been loaded into the Pack Manager Editor, ready for allocation to packs.


You can now create a Pack type by clicking Add… – Type in a pack name, maximum weight, length, quantity and description, then click OK.


If the parts list for your roof system contains any items that are not packaged and shipped (perhaps some elements of labour are priced as parts, or items sent direct to site from a third party), you can create a pack with the Do not ship box checked.


Once you have created your packs, they will appear in the list to the left. The pack properties and ordering can be edited if required, using the controls highlighted in blue below.


To now allocate parts to a pack, first highlight the pack type on the right, then select the Part(s) to add from the list on the left. Click Include selected part(s) in pack . 


The contents of each pack are listed, once a pack type is selected. All parts in the currently selected pack are also highlighted blue


Once you have allocated your parts to packs, Click OK to save the pack configuration. If you have not allocated all parts, you will be prompted to either save the current progress, or return to the rules editor to complete the allocation of parts.

The rules are stored in a newly created .RPCF file, which sits alongside the roof settings file.


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