Printing Tab – Creating and Editing Packs of Reports

Packs of reports can be quickly created and can then be printed within a couple of clicks on any future jobs.

You may want to have a pack that you send out to your customer, this may include a 4-up drawing, a large 3D image and a report with the conservatory superimposed onto a house photograph.

1 – To set this up as a pack, just click the reports to add them to the selected prints pane.

2 – Click Save Selection as Pack. Give the pack a name when prompted.

3 – The new pack now appears in the File Tree. Each time you want to print this pack in future, just right-click on the pack and select Print Pack. From this menu, you can also edit the pack, to change the contents, or delete the pack completely.

The reports will remain in their regular folders; deleting a pack will not delete the contained reports from your system.

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