Printing Tab – Navigating the Interface


The Printing interface is split into four sections.

1 – Toolbar – here, you can choose to print, once you’ve selected one or more reports. You can also choose how you want your thumbnail gallery to appear onscreen, showing either small medium or large tiles. You can also choose to display any reports that you’ve previously hidden.

2 – File Tree Explorer – all the reports are organised into folders by their type (i.e frame, technical, sales etc…). There is also a folder for favourites and any packs you create will also appear here as a folder. You can double-click the folders to expand or collapse the file tree and see the names of all reports contained in that particular folder. A single click on any of the folders will display the thumbnails in the gallery pane.

3 – Thumbnail Gallery Pane – The main portion of your screen will display small images of each of your reports, allowing you to quickly identify the report that you want to carry out any actions on, such as editing, adding to favourites or printing. With Reports selecting in the file explorer, all reports will be displayed, if a sub folder such as Technical is selected, only those will be displayed.

The size at which they are shown depends on what you have selected in the toolbar (Fig.1)

4 – Selected Prints Pane – In the gallery pane, click on a selection of reports that you wish to print, or make into a pack. As you click them, they appear in the Selected Prints pane at the bottom of your screen. From here, you can either print your selection or save to PDF, by clicking Print, or click Save Selection as Pack to create a new pack.



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