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The Production Orders tab lists all the orders that have been sent to production from RoofWright. Quote and Order not sent to production can be viewed along with these orders on the Quotes and Orders tab.

Production Order

An individual Production Order details can be viewed by either selecting an order and double clicking or clicking on the Open button at the bottom left of the tab.


Column Name Descriptions

Order Number: Sales Order number created from RoofWright.

Batch: Batch number for the Production Order.

Release Date: Date the roof was sent to production in RoofWright.

Delivery Date: The date the roof is due to be delivered to your customer. (See Below)

End User: Delivery Date If applicable, the date your customers’ delivery date. (See Below)

Status: This is the stage that the Production Order is at.

Account Code: Your customer Account Code.

Customer: Your customer.

Town: Customer location.

Roof System: The roof system used in RoofWright for the Production Order.

Supplier: The roof system supplier for the Production Order.

Products: This is ticked if all the products are available in the Production Order.

If any Products within the Production Order are “Not Used” or “Unknown” the Production Order will be flagged in red and this column will remain unticked.

Delivery and End Delivery Dates:


The legend at the bottom of the tab helps you identify the Status of the Production Order.


You can filter the Production Orders by Status and/or Date Range (date sent to production from RoofWright), this is achieved by using the drop down menus at the top of the tab.



You can also order the Production Orders by clicking on the column headers.


Any inactive Production Orders can be viewed by ticking the Include Inactive box.


Batch Production Orders

To create a batch, select the Production Orders you want to Batch and hitting the Batch button. Production Orders can be selected by left clicking an item and for further items use the Ctrl key + left click. To deselect an item use the Ctrl key + left click.



The batch will open in a new window if successful.



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