Products Tab


The Products tab contains the suppliers and any parts they supply via RoofWright. You can select the Part Supplier from the drop down if there is more than one supplier to choose from.


Column Name Description

Product Code:   The product identification code..

Description: The production description.

Generic Code: RoofWright cutting data uses Generic Codes and Batches use Products Codes.

                        E.g. Generic Code XXXX and actual Product Codes XXXX-5000 & XXXX-6000

                        To differentiate between 5m and 6m bars.

Stock Unit Length: The length of any products supplied in lengths.

Colour: Product colour options.

Cut From Length: Any products that are cut from a bar length

Stock Status: This identifies if a Product is Stocked, Non-Stocked, Unknown or Not Used.


The legend at the bottom of the tab helps you identify the Status of the Products.


You can filter the Products by Stock Status, this is achieved by using the drop down menus at the top of the tab.


When first using Fab Pack you may find that some or even all the Products will have a Stock Status of either “Not Used” or “Unknown”.

If you want to change the Stock Status of one product either double click on the Product or highlight and click on Edit at the bottom of the tab.

If us want change multiple products simply highlight one then use either Ctrl + left click to select more,  Shift + left click to select a block or Ctlr + A to select all. Click on the edit button once you have made your section.

You can set the Stock status to the following Status:


Non -Stocked – These are items you need to manufacture a roof but you would normally hold stock of the product. An example could be a product on a roof colour that doesn’t get ordered very often, black or grey.

Stocked – These are items you use all the time and keep a stock, an eaves beam or white top capping being examples.

Not Used – These may parts you just don’t use  or could be old parts that are still retained for legacy and for looking at old production order and batches

Unknown – These are products that really need to be set to Stocked or Non-Stocked, this will occur when the roof supplier releases new data with new products.


You can also order the Products by clicking on the column headers.




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