Roof Only Design – Retro-fitting a roof to a customer’s conservatory

RoofWright allows a user to create a full room, but can also be used to create a ‘Roof Only’ design. This is ideal if the customer is looking to update their roof, whilst retaining their existing frames and base.

Creating a ‘Roof Only’ design

Creating a Roof only design is as simple as just ticking the box In Order Details > Roof > Specifications > Roof only Design?


Once Ticked, the 3D tab will only display the roof. Any costings for Frames and Basework will also be removed.


The roof can then be super-imposed onto a photo of the customer’s existing house/conservatory, by importing the photograph and using the tools in the 3D palette, to manipulate the scaling and perspective of the roof, to suit the photograph.

Importing a house photograph

A house photo is imported within the 3D Tab, by selecting House Photo from the drop-down menu, then locating the photo on your PC that you wish to use.


Moving and manipulating the conservatory roof

Once the photo is loaded, you can use your left-click + drag to move the roof,  right-click and drag to rotate the roof, and the mouse scroll-wheel to zoom in and out.

You can also use the 3D palette, to add perspective by using the Lens Effect slider, or scale each of the 3x dimensions individually (height, depth, width). The 3D palette is found within the View menu in the 3D Tab



Customer’s current glazed conservatory


RoofWright ‘Roof Only’ drawing super-imposed onto customer’s¬†conservatory



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