UDesign – Fixing Roof Problems

UDesign includes warnings, to alert the user to problems with their roof design. These problems should be addressed, to ensure the roof is specced correctly and as such, will both price correctly and ensure the correct components arrive onsite.

These problems may relate to aspects of structural checking, or a combination of incompatible choices being selected, such as:

  • Standard top caps cannot be used when the design is a foiled finish
  • Square downpipes cannot be used with Cornice guttering
  • No postcode entered for structural checking
  • Design successfully checked against postcode, but is not declared structurally sound

Problems with the roof design are displayed in the bottom tab (illuminated red if there are problem present) and also the Information pane, as shown in the image below.



You can click the Roof Problems tab, to expand the window:



Fixing these issues is a case of using the Order Details section to enter the installation postcode and change the roof options and using the SDG tool to structurally check and fix the roof if necessary.

Below are some information messages you may encounter and a sequence of buttons/tabs to click, to change the roof spec and resolve the issue.

Information Message


You must specify a MK5 Half Ridge for lean to’s that have hips or are part of more complex roof Order Details > Roof > Specifications > Wallplates > Select ‘ MK V Half Ridge’
Installation Postcode is blank therefore the Structural checks will not be accurate Order Details > General > Customer > Enter Installation Postcode
Standard external bar caps (CAPA’s) not available in foiled finish Order Details > Roof > Specifications> Top Caps > Select ‘Dome’
Square Downpipes not available with Cornice Product Order Details > Roof > Options> Guttering > Downpipe Type > Select ‘Round’
Dome Top Caps must be specified with Coloured Foils Order Details > Roof > Specifications> Top Caps > Select ‘Dome’
Renaissance or Low Profile cresting only available with Coloured Foil roofs Order Details > Roof > Decoration> Cresting > Select ‘Renaissance’ or ‘Low Profile’
Bar Under Cladding must be square with Coloured Foils Order Details > Roof > Options> Claddings > Which GBC? > Select ‘Square’
External Coloured Foil Roofs must have round downpipe Order Details > Roof > Options> Guttering > Downpipe Type > Select ‘Round’

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