Updating Your Software

As we develop the software and add enhancements, we release updates that can be downloaded and installed, providing you have a current support contract with us.

When a new version becomes available, you’ll be emailed with details of the release, such as listing new features and also any helpsheets/documentation relating to the use of these new features.

When updating, you should install the new version to the same directory as the version you are currently using.

1. First, refer to your update email. Follow the link in the email and download the setup file. Depending on your internet connection, this may take 10-15 mins

2. Whilst the update is downloading, find the pathname of where your current version is installed to and note this down.You can also create a backup of your existing setup at the same time.

Locating the pathname

  • Right-click the desktop shortcut and click Open File Location


  • When File Explorer loads, click the arrow highlighted red below, then click into the bar at the top. Make a note of this path.VersionLive     RWRoot

Creating  Backup of Your Existing Installation

  • Click the arrow again, to go up one  more level in the File Explorer.
  •  RPSroot
  • If you have multiple folders in this directory (as above), right-click on the appropriate folder for the software you’re updating and select Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder.
  •  backuptoZip
  • You have now successfully backed up your current installation and can unzip this in future if you need to roll-back your software for any reason.
  • RPSRootWithBackup

By now, your update should have downloaded and  be ready to install.

3. Ensure that you are logged onto Windows with Administrator privileges. Navigate to your downloads folder, find the setup file, you downloaded in step 1 and double-click to run the installer.

4. Ensure that the pathname matches the pathname that you noted down earlier in this guide


5. Follow the Instructions on screen, clicking Next when prompted, to proceed through the installation


6. Once the software has installed, the HASP USB dongle drivers will then install, once complete, click OK in the Sentinel dialog box


7. Click Finish, to complete the installation


Your software has now been updated!

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